Why is KSI dead trending?

KSI is a well-known YouTuber and content creator with nearly 24m subscribers on the social media site.

The Brit is also enjoying success in the music industry as a rapper, but rumors of his death are trending. Here’s everything you need to know.


KSI’s death was trending on social mediaCredit: Getty

Who is KSI?

KSI was born June 19, 1993, and is an English YouTube personality, rapper, comedian and actor.

The 28-year-old’s real name is Olajide Olayinka Williams Olatunji and he is also known as “JJ”.

KSI is also a founding member of the online group The Sidemen, which are the product of seven British YouTubers.

He attended the independent Berkhamsted School alongside future Sideman member and YouTube collaborator Simon Minter, better known as Miniminter.

Why is KSI dead trending?

KSI has been making waves online after his death trended on social media.

However, the social media sensation is alive and well.

He recently lost a staggering sum of money after his Luna crypto account fell 97% from £2.8million to under 50k which had led to other rumors of his death.

Where did the rumors come from?

The reason his death hoax started trending is because a funeral was held for his beloved hamster Morpheus at the weekend.

Fellow YouTuber Calfreezy organized the touching tribute and uploaded a video titled “I held a funeral for KSI’s Hamster”.

Despite this clear title, the topic somehow went viral with the trending keywords KSI’s funeral.

Loyal fans and followers were concerned but the death hoax was soon cleared up.