Hear Brandy Aka B Rocka Freestyle Over Jack Harlow’s “First Class” – VIBE.com

B Rocka, also known as Brandy, has entered the chat. After Jack Harlow labeled the R&B legend as simply “Ray J’s sister” during a radio interview, the “Angel In Disguise” took to Twitter with a scorching response.

“I will murk this dude in rap at 43 on his own beats,” she tweeted. “And then sing [his] a** to sleep.” However, the fiery clap-back wasn’t enough of an ether. The singer made good on her remarks to “have a little fun too” and has released a freestyle over Harlow’s viral sensation, “First Class.”

Over the Fergie-sampled instrumental, B Rocka raps, “Allow me to reintroduce myself/ My name is world-famous/ One of the greatest, living legend/ Did I mention my résumé is amazing? […] Painted pictures, Cinderella scriptures/ But that don’t mean jack in the streets/ Jack of all trades, now I’m here jacking for beats/ Queens cancelled, but you could never cancel a queen…”

For years, she—like many singers—has released subtle bars under her rap moniker and most recently, flexed her skills on ABC’s Queens. Unfortunately, the popular series was not renewed for a second season.

The ether continued, “Over 20 years and I’m still a topic/ A picture’s worth a million and I’m feelin’ philanthropic/ 43 and feelin’ like a kid with millions watchin’/ “Popular, but now I’m popping sh*t for those outta pocket…”

Fans are now calling for a new EP from B Rocka and we just might get it. In a January 2022 interview with Rated R&B, she shared, “I want to try different things with my music this next go-round, not just stick to R&B. I’m not just R&B. It’s more in my core. I want to bring it all out. Whatever else I have left, I just want to give it.”

Listen to B Rocka’s full “First Class” freestyle below.